25 Greatest Metal Albums Of All Time – Voted by the Metal Mofos Community


Alright, so here’s the list. The criteria was simple.

Give me your favorite all time albums, in order or disorder, it didn’t matter cause each submission got one vote. All I did was tally up all the submissions and POOOOOOF!!!!!

The 25 greatest metal albums of all time appeared, out of the blue! Like magic!

Without further ado, here they are:

1. Master Of Puppets
2. Vulgar Display Of Power
3. Reign In Blood
4. Rust In Peace
5. Ride The Lightning
6. Number Of The Beast
7. Seasons In The Abyss
8. Cowboys From Hell
9. Black Sabbath
10. Peace Sells
11. Kill ‘Em All
12. Among The Living
13. South Of Heaven
14. Holy Diver
15. And Justice For All
16. Screaming For Vengeance
17. Far Beyond Driven
18. Powerslave
19. Appetite For Destruction
20. Paranoid
21. Shout At The Devil
22. Diary Of A Madman
23. Blizzard Of Ozz
24. Back In Black
25. British Steel

Alright, so I’ve decided I’ll have to do this every year AT LEAST as this community grows. I want the new Metal Mofos members to have a voice in this, so it might change. Also, there were alot of bands that got some decent votes as a whole but they were spread across too many albums so they didn’t make the top 25. I’m thinking I might do a top 25 greatest Metal bands ever post too in order to give them the attention they deserve. There’s alot of Slayer, Pantera, and Metallica on the list.

Honorable mentions go to these bands:


Now AC/DC did get one album on the list, but they clearly have a big following in the Metal Mofos community and they got alot of mentions.

As a first attempt at this, I’m generally happy with the results. I’ll post the vote totals later with an update to this post, but these are exactly what happened on this first go around. It’s really interesting to see what the Metal Mofos Community likes, and it’s alot of high quality Metal, though I think alot of great newer bands were left out, but they might be added in later as we grow and new Metalheads come in.

Thank you all who took part in this. There are alot of new things happening with Metal Mofos this year, so keep visiting the site and the Facebook page.  Now I await the reasons why YOU chose each album, instructions at the Facebook page, but basically I want the community to describe each album and why you consider it a classic. The best response will get the official description added to each album on this list and they get fully credited. Horns Up friends! \m/


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Carlos, The God Anointed, Christ Redeemed, Pendejo Purging Mexican King Of All Metal

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